Monday, December 8, 2008


As the year is coming to an end I can't help to look back and see how eventful this last year was for Keith and I. I tend to get angry sometimes because we haven't had it easy and a lot of the issues deal with things that just shouldn't happen to us at our young age. But on the other hand I am very glad to have gone through the hard times that way I appreciate the good times so much more. In a nut shell, Keith and I have gone through 3 surgeries together...all repeated injuries...I was "withdrawn" from school because of my surgery...the school that I had to wait to get into the nursing program only to be told "try again...we can't help you out" regarding my unexpected being off of work for a few months and praying I'd be able to pay my rent...Keith going through hell at the church which in turn resulted in a resignation which left him waiting to be employed again...changing my major...and the fear of every ache and pain in our young bodies and all we can do is pray that there is nothing wrong. It's been tough...and yet so very rewarding. Keith and I were together but it brought us 10x more toghether because we had to have someone to lean on. I am so very thankful that I had/have him in my life to lean on in times of hardship and I can only hope I was able to do the same for him. We experienced a lot together...good and just one year. We traveled to see the ones we live away from...we looked around Kentucky for new things to do...we worked our freakin' butts off to make it...and we did it all together. So even though 2008 has been very eventful in good and bad has made us stronger people and in the end...I got to know my very best friend even more.


proudest junkie said...

This is true the two of you have been through alot in a little bit of time. I am glad that you were there for the keefer and of course that he was there for you. It's also good that he has enough movies to be disabled for a year. Its great to see him as happy as he is with you, its a much needed change.
That church stuff was crazy and I am going to vent on it if you dont mind. Church or at least this one, has become a very political aspect of society. Since we arent muslims there is a clear separation between church and government law. Which is why I am so bothered by the politics involved in church. I have been around it in some way or another my whole life. Today I am at the point where I praise God individually and with others when necessary but in no way is it important for me to go to a structure, with hypocritical sinners who judge and don't walk the walk to praise a God and give money to get into heaven. Everyone has flaws and Jesus loves them that is why his disciples where people that where outcast by the rest of the people during that time. He kept company with people that in church today would be outcast. Turn the other cheek, first shall be last, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, he who is without sin throw the first stone, love your neighbor as yourself...these are things I was taught as a kid and I am more likely to see them practiced in the hood in the duuurty duuurt than in a church these days. Maybe I am older or more aware, but I miss being a kid in the sense that good always prevailed and now it seems that sin and certain evils have entered the very places that it seemed most sacred....mind you this is not all churches but has been my experience lately.....there are some very good churches who walk the walk and dont just talk, where it is about God, not about money or gossip. The greatest thing that ever happened to the human race are the ideas of philosophy and religion, the myths, the stories, the parables, the psalms....but what happened is humans thought they coiuld understand these ideas and shape them into beleifs which mind you is not faith, and that they could use the ideas to their benefit.....I am not that smart but I am smart enough to know I will never understand God, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Shiva, Abraham, Moses, Mary Magdelene or the Virgin Mary but I know that in there is love, forgiveness, unconditional understanding, miracle, redemption, salvation, and peace. I wish that these where not just words that got spoken in public but words that were backed with action when noone was looking. So I will pray for those sick suffering sinners who judge without understanding, who play God in their own way, who think they are bigger than anyone else on this planet, who make value judgements on peoples internal motives, who kill innocent people, and choose to do all this using my God's name. I dont think so.......anyways.....
Yeah you two going through this year was awesome, it was great when yous twos came down for kieths boyfriend, and the beach, you'll have to think about doing that in 09. Time flies when you are having's almost christmas and I am awaiting my annual gift from Steinbrenner....Peace Out

Keith Roberts said...

it you and me baby...yes indeed! i love you!